This is Choon — a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain designed to solve some of the music industry's most fundamental problems.

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Read more about the details of the Choon economy and the NOTES token that powers it.

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A prototype of the Choon service is now streaming an exclusive new track "Crypto" from Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge. Royalties from the track are split automatically between artists and managers.

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Diagram: The Problem

The Challenge

The current music industry no longer represents the interests of the most important people: artists and listeners.

Complicated recording and publishing contracts make it incredibly difficult for artists to claim income owed to them, with streaming services keeping the majority of revenue for themselves. This legacy music industry needs to be rethought in an era of unlimited digital distribution, frictionless payments, and decentralized cryptocurrency.


Deserve a simple and fair way to be paid for the music they create.


Deserve a simple way to directly support the artists they love.


Our Solution

Backed by the Ethereum Blockchain, Choon will create a music and digital content ecosystem powered by music, streaming and curation. A token called NOTES (NTS) will become the currency by which artists receive fair payment for streams, downloads, Q&As, merchandise, and more. Fans can also receive NOTES by curating popular playlists and listening to promoted music.

Notes Currency

The NOTES token powers an economy where artists, curators and fans can collaborate and share the value they create.

Smart Record Contracts

Automated rights management pays all parties what they deserve, automatically.

Smart Record Contracts

Although at first glance, we are a streaming service, offering artists the ability to upload their music, share it, and get paid for it via cryptocurrency tokens, the Choon ecosystem will offer far more than that.

Smart Record Contracts, along with our off-chain 'Real Time Royalty Network' will allow artists, managers, and groups to create contracts showing the payment split for any piece of music. When a track is streamed or downloaded, its income in NOTES will be distributed to the wallets of the individual stakeholders in a near-immediate, fully transparent fashion.

Smart Record Contracts will create an entire music ecosystem that does not just solve problems with the music industry today, but allows incredibly exciting new models which, until now, have never been possible.

Streaming as Mining

Streaming As Mining is a five-year introductory aspect to the Choon ecosystem, will represent the easiest way for artists to acquire cryptocurrency. In total, 40,000,000 NOTES tokens (50% of the all time fixerd supply) will be distributed to artists using Choon, split pro-rata daily based on number of streams.

Our Grounding Principles



80% of profits from streamed music or media sent directly to the content creators, retaining just 20% for operational costs.

By removing almost all intermediaries, artists regain control of payment flows and can earn hundreds of times what they presently do.



A digital music ecosystem with numerous options for both artists and listeners to earn and spend NOTES.

Multiple spending options allow the majority of NOTES to remain in the ecosystem, removing cumbersome on/off ramps associated with cryptocurrency.



Displace many of the music industry's unnecessary intermediaries by creating a future-focused music contracting and licensing system.

Smart Record Contracts foster accountability and transparency whilst allowing immediate payment distribution to stakeholders.


Positive Impact

Promote the cryptocurrency economy in a positive way.

Introduce cryptocurrency and frictionless token economies to a strata of the population that have yet to engage in the cryptocurrency economy.


Token Sale

An initial allotment of NOTES will be made available for sale to the community to support further development of the platform.

December 2017


A working prototype of the streaming service will be released, mainly focused on the exclusive music secured from the initial artist pool.

Early 2018

Full Service

The full service will begin operating with all of the features and token mechanisms mentioned above.

Mid 2018



Choon Announced

Gareth Emery announces a Blockchain based project called Choon, described as “a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain, designed to solve some of the music industry's most fundamental problems”.

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Image Gareth Emery Wants to Disrupt Music Labels

Read Billboard's coverage of the Choon Publication, Distribution & Discovery strategy, as well as details on Gareth's background in cryptocurrency.

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Founding Team

Gareth Emery
Gareth has been in the music industry for the last 15 years, both as one of the world’s largest DJs and an esteemed record producer. With three iTunes Dance #1 Albums, and over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, he understands the music industry and the problems it faces more than most.
Bjorn Niclas
A serial entrepreneur and successful angel investor with twelve years experience in the electronic music space. His companies include talent buying, artist management, and event production, with hundreds of thousands of people having attended events produced by him over the last decade.
Matt Hall
A software engineer with over twenty years of industry experience doing significant work for Google, Microsoft and other large tech companies. Along with John Watkinson was a co-creator of the Cryptopunks project, where 10,000 unique collectible pieces of art were offered with proof-of-ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
John Watkinson
A software engineer and computer scientist he holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, where his research included large-scale computing, digital signal processing, and machine learning. He has worked with Matt for over a decade and along with co-creating the Cryptopunks has extensive experience with distributed computing and blockchain technology.


Matt Colon
Partner / Manager Deckstar Management

After a career in marketing at both Moonshine Music in the early 2000’s and BPM Magazine in the mid 2000’s, Matt Colon began managing artists in 2005, starting with Steve Aoki (who he still manages today). The pair soon partnered with DJ AM, Lawrence Vavra and Paul Rosenberg to create DECKSTAR Management in 2007, which has grown to now oversee a wide range of artist careers including Blink 182, NERVO, Rancid, The Glitch Mob, Infected Mushroom and Holy Ghost among many others.
Grammy award winning recording artist based in Portland, OR.

Over 200+ remixes and 2 original LP's in a career spanning 10+ yrs in the music industry. Most recently released the very first album via the Ethereum network.
David Ireland
David Ireland began his career in 1995 founding BPM Magazine and P•cket a local Southern California events guide for the electronic music scene. In August of 2000, BPM Magazine merged with LLC an online media company based in Los Angeles which later evolved into the Overamerica Media Group [OMG] in 2003.

In 2009 Ireland left Overamerica Media Group to serve as the VP of Marketing at Diesel where he launched the largest 360 advertising campaign in the brand's US history with the BE STUPID initiative.

In 2011 Ireland returned to his roots in media and cofounded the online electronic music magazine Magnetic Magazine and The Magnetic Agency Group growing the business into a multinational corporation with offices in Denver, Toronto, and Madrid.

Over the course of his career, Ireland has worked with some of the top companies in the world including Ford, Kia, Nike, Puma, Levis, Sony, Xbox, Live Nation, Apple, and many other blue chip brands.
Bobby Runway
Bobby is devoted to be in an environment that will enable him to entertain a phenomenal and unique experience for his consumers and clients, and providing superior service within the music and nightlife industry. He has a very comprehensive understanding and knowledge of booking and producing the right type of live entertainment, show, DJ set, or concert. His motivation to keeping consumers engaged enables both client and talent to grow and flourish within an ever-growing competitive market. Although Bobby takes comfort in having structure and stability, he definitely entertains challenges that exceed beyond his limits and boundaries. From graduating Michigan State University with honors and being part of the Big Ten and National Championship Men’s Basketball Teams, being Director of Entertainment for SBE (2004-20015), a lifestyle hospitality company with nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants spanning the globe has definitely challenged this as well as in 2015 becoming NERVO’s (Forbes List Highest Paid) Manager.

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